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Remote Estimation Services

We provide online, instant estimation via FaceTime or Zoom. Floor Installation, drywall installation, plumbing, electrical, painting, or anything needed around the house. Don't waste your time and money with the contractors who charge $125 or more for estimation. 

Remote estimation service is only $26.50 with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Insurance Company Asked A Quote to Cover the Damage?

Such a nightmare. Water leak from upstairs bathroom damaged whole living room ceiling. You called the insurance company to cover the damage and they asked for 3 different estimates/quotes. Now you have to schedule three different contractors to visit your home and wait at least a couple of days to hear from them with paying $100+ dollars each contractor. 

Here we are for easy-peasy quick, expert house estimation for anything. We can give you an estimate in a few minutes for floor system installation, drywall patching, drywall installation, plumbing, electrical, painting, framing, cabinets, doors any contractor estimation around the house instantly at a reasonable cost. $26.50 only. 

Schedule For Instant Video Call

Not Satisfied? We Will Refund It Immediately 

If you are not satisfied with our service we will refund the payment immediately. 

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