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Smart Concrete Services


What is Smart Concrete - Terra System?

Terra Floor System is a German exterior and interior floor system technology used in industrial and residential fields for garage floors, patios, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, tree grates, railroads rocks, historical parks, and buildings.

Terra System is a cost-efficient floor system with 20 years warranty. It's safer and cleaner than a concrete slab. There is no frost feature also; it's compatible with an underlayer concrete heat system.





Terra systems can be dumped in a landfill or water protection area without causing problems. Asphalt and concrete must be 100% recycled or disposed of at a high cost. 

Characteristic Features 

Drainage Capable

  • Waterproof a drainage capable system gives the rainwater to the ground.

  • No splashed water and slippery floors.

Snow Pro

  • Compatible with the concrete heating system.

  • No more driveway shoveling.

  • No Frost

Environment Friendly

  • No leaching of hazardous substances.

  • No special requirements for removal or demolition 

  • Water pollution class 0.


  • Easy to repair with no loss of quality

  • Reduction or elimination of storm sewers

  • Easy to clean

  • Stable

Terra Floor Systems Services

Garage Floor 

  • Terra System garage floor installation

  • Epoxy Floor Installation

  • Epoxy Paint

Tree Grate

  • Terra system is great for trees. Clean look with keeping rainwater for trees. 

Driveway Coating 

  • Terra System Driveway Installation

  • Heating System Installation

  • Concrete removal

Patio Installation

  • Patio slab installation with Terra floor system.

  • Landscaping and lighting for patios

  • Paragola Installation


  • Terra System sidewalk installation

  • Heating system installation for sidewalks

Landscape Installation 

  • Landscape Services for back yards. 

  • Pathway installation 

  • Removal

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